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Your greatest yoga teacher lives within you. Get to know her!

A quest for happiness and well-being! 

Like tigers trapped in a cage, we run restlessly in all directions. Nothing slows us down, not even if our intellect has grasped that we cannot find happiness outside of ourselves. Instinctively, we keep pushing our limits in the hope that someday, our suffering will be rewarded. We become secretly guided by fear, a phenomenon known throughout human history. Our existence is dominated by sadness, insomnia, burnout, depression, anxiety, mysterious aches and pains, poor breathing, a sense of meaninglessness, lack of motivation, exhaustion, helplessness, joylessness and so many other forms of suffering.

The practice of Yoga is an invitation to get to know yourself with a unique kind of kindness  and openness. Once we acknowledge and become conscious of the many layers that prevent us from seeing with our hearts, the work of letting go allows us to rediscover our belief in ourselves. A vast, loving, and joyful place at the center of our hearts opens up, giving us access to a different reality. 

There’s no doubt that it takes courage, perseverance and benevolence to embark on this path, which may be quite new to us.

Yoga is a personal experience that no one else can have in your place. You can’t inherit Yoga from your parents, for instance. Once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you might just find yourself wanting to stay there, in a morality and judgement-free place, profoundly at peace with yourself. The process of becoming aware doesn’t have a deadline: we work to our own schedule. In this learning process, space and time don’t exist. Everything happens naturally, at its own pace

Yoga invites us to question the world of delusions and beliefs so that we can take individual action for our own well-being and the well-being of the world. Yoga is a science, a method, a technique, a tool, a way of life and a way of love. It allows us to come to a true understanding of ourselves and others, the world and the universe. OM.