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Experience my different yoga workshops.
Discover the practice of yoga, for families and small groups.


You’re new to yoga and you’d like to join a small group so you can try out yoga practice and ask questions. This workshop is a voyage through various traditional Yoga tools and techniques: a bit of philosophy, some recentering practice, yoga breathing, a few simple postures and a good relaxation session at the end.

The workshop lasts 2 hours.

Group numbers limited to 6 people.


Come practice Yoga as a family. We’ll try out yoga postures for two, magic breathing, a moment of calm, lovely little relaxing massages, and we’ll even sing together. An hour of joy and togetherness as a family!

Family Yoga workshops take place on Saturdays from 3 to 4 pm.

1 parent + 1 child: contact me for the price
1 parent + 2 children (or 1 child + 2 parents): contact me for the price
2 parents + 2-3 children: contact me for the price

Registration: Sign up in the doodle with your email address and participant numbers

Or send me a message!