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Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, isn’t just a practice. It’s also a form of modified consciousness. Yoga Nidra is a space within us that invites our profound Being to express itself. It’s a space of consciousness where the body rests deeply, as if you are in a deep sleep while your spirit is fully awake.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditative resource that is accessible to all. It’s a state of consciousness where you’re called to rediscover a kind of essential truth about who you truly are. Bert Hellinger, writing about the family constellation, calls this state the movement of the soul, and from personal experience, I believe it’s very similar to the “dance of the soul” that reveals itself in the practice of Yoga Nidra. This dance of the soul isn’t an esoteric idea: it’s an aspect of human reality that can reconnect us with our natural strength, the beauty of Being, a state of righteousness and a feeling of profound peace.
Yoga Nidra gives you access to this profound universal knowledge and the opportunity to experience a sense of freedom. It generously welcomes you to become closer to yourself. It’s a bit like returning to your true home.

Currently, there are several different Yoga Nidra schools that are active around the world, and they can all be valuable and effective ways of reconnecting with this direct experience of truth and freedom. With great respect and love, I honor my teachers Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirliptal Tuli who created the Total Yoga Nidra network ( A relaxed, holistic and compassionate teaching that gave birth to the global approach of Total Yoga Nidra, inspired by the great schools of Yoga Nidra such as Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the Himalayan Institute, Richard Miller and Rod Stryker.

Thanks to openness and communication between the different schools, we’re seeing a new form of Yoga Nidra emerge which is more modern and better adapted to our lives here. Built on a solid energetic and scientific foundation, it’s a more vital approach that is also deeply gentle and compassionate.

Yoga Nidra practice is effortless, free of judgement and morality. Yoga Nidra is independent of all religions. It is simply neutral and deeply down to earth. You don’t need to be in any particular physical condition to practice Yoga Nidra; you can even do it if you’re unwell or feel very tired. One session lasts 15 to 45 minutes depending on the goal which was set ahead of time. The duration of practice doesn’t determine the effect of this deep resting state.

Yoga Nidra is perfect for athletes, stay-at-home moms, schoolteachers, managers… anyone who works long hours, has a lot of responsibilities and is at risk of burnout.

Yoga Nidra helps with clarity and recentering the spirit: for decision-making, problem-solving, and any creative process.

Individual sessions are available (contact me directly at or you can sign up for group sessions (for the group session see www.associationquié

However, please note that Yoga Nidra is not recommended for anyone who suffers from psychosis (such as schizophrenia).

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