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The “meeting with yourself” is a weekly 2-hour group practice session lasting 8 weeks to delve into the depths of your being.

What is it?

This learning journey begins with the wealth of knowledge in traditional yoga, which teaches us that everything is already within us and that we can find all the answers within ourselves. The path teaches us to reconnect with our core, finding freedom amid the highs and lows of everyday life. Once we’ve experienced oneness, a profound understanding takes hold which can remain with us in our daily lives. 

In order to find peace and calm, we stay fully present in life as it manifests in the here and now. The path is found in all present situations, emotions and experiences. You don’t have to retreat to a monastery to see clearly. With yoga practice, it becomes possible to remain anchored in the present moment.

How does it work?

We are going to experience the secrets taught in yoga that anyone can learn. These are self-knowledge and understanding ourselves as well as our mind, our emotions, our ego, our fears, the role of our physical body, our energies… We will learn various forms of meditation, sitting, lying down, moving, in asanas, singing, postural yoga, Yoga Nidra, breathing and managing our thoughts, and many more surprising techniques.

Each week, group work is enriched with yoga practice at home. I make recordings of the practice and send them out after each session. I provide a 100-page written document for those who are interested in going further and doing more practice at home after class.

  • fee
  • CHF 400
  • Dates and schedule to be defined

    • 8 weekly 2-hour sessions
    • at the forge (croix-de-rozon)
    • Recordings after each class

You may be asked to help cover fees for external instructors. We generally expect that there will be a minimum fee of CHF20 per person for sessions with external instructors.