Padma Priya
Nicole Susanne Rupp

route du Prieur 35
1257 Croix-de Rozon

Next to Geneva – Switzerland

+41 76 207 43 51
+33 6 33 59 10 39


    Experience group Yoga classes in Archamps

    Experience a group Yoga class at the Saint Julien en Genevois MJC/MIEF

    Go on a yoga and ayurveda retreat in the ashram in Kerala / India with Swami Sarva Atma and team

    Practice alchemic breathing with Chantal

    Experience MBSR and much more with Nolwenn

    Buy Yoga equipment from Lorène

    Buy a Tibetan singing bowl from François

    Enjoy Lebanese food at Jad’s

    Receive traditional Chinese medicine with Lingling

    Experience coaching and hypnotherapy with Severine

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