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About me

Simply Yoga

My name is Nicole Rupp, or Padma Priya.

After working in the private sector for 15 years, I quit my job, feeling sad and afraid. There was only one thing I knew: it was the end of a beautiful love story. But I knew it was the right time to leave, so I gathered up my courage and quit. Naturally, it wasn’t until later that I understood what Love really meant, but that’s another story.

Thanks to a very good friend, the support of my husband and my 3 children, thanks to all of them, in 2016 I dared to make a career of the question that had always been closest to my heart: who am I? Yoga was the obvious answer.

Today, after practicing Yoga for 30 years, I have done over 450 hours of traditional training and earned multiple certificates in Yoga. I’m not especially attached to them, because I know that the most important work you do on yourself happens outside of your training, in real life, on your own, and most of all in your encounters with others; and this goes on every day.

We don’t embark on the Yoga path alone. I have always been lucky to meet extraordinary teachers and I continue to meet them. We are all teachers and students at the same time. Some people say that you cannot be on the Yoga path because it’s a state, an inner space. Perhaps it’s even impossible to explain what Yoga is, because the word itself always creates a duality between what is Yoga and what is not Yoga and impedes the experience of unity.

My teaching languages are English, French and German. I offer Yoga teaching for groups and individuals as needed. In my nomadic yurt, at your home, at your office, in a school, a yoga studio, in Europe or India… tell me what you have in mind.

My Yoga Training Path:

September: yoga instructor certificate 200 hours YTT (inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa) in Chamonix with the wonderful Mariza Smith (; I have been offering a meditation and Yoga Nidra discovery day since 2017 as part of teacher training. 


October: intensive training with Max Strom in Zürich on breathing for good mental health (


2017 liquid flow yoga instructor certificate (Vinyasa Yoga) 60 hours YTT with Simon Parc in Samoëns (

2016-2018 two years of training in Bert Hellinger’s family constellation method in Geneva, equivalent to 570 hours of training with Michaël (


2018 Total Yoga Nidra Network instructor certificate 45 hours YTT with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli in Portugal (

2019-2023 first year Gaia Healer instructor certificate 150 hours with Swami Sarva Atma Mithra in Kerala, India (; training lasts a total of 4 years


2020 International School of Yoga – Gaia Healer project together with Sarva Atma in Decazeville (France), an offshoot of Ekarshi Sarva Atma Mithra’s training center in India (